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Laptop Computer for Every Teacher in Israel
Athena Fund's flagship initiative is the "Laptop Computer for Every Teacher in Israel" program. Launched in 2007 under the sponsorship of the Prime Minister's Office, the program has been implemented in close cooperation with the Israel Teachers Union, the Israeli Ministry of Education, and Bank Massad.
Laptop Computer for Every Kindergarten Teacher
As part of this program, all participating kindergarten teachers receive a laptop computer. Moreover, each kindergarten teacher and director receives 90 hours of professional training, which is recognized as a professional advancement course within the framework of the “Ofek Chadash” (New Horizon) reform of the Ministry of Education.
iPad for Every Science Teacher
Athena Fund is working to empower science and technology teachers and to increase student interest in science-related subjects. The “Tablet for Every Science Teacher” program aims to provide special tablet computers to all of Israel’s elementary, junior high and high school science and technology teachers.
iPad for Every Special Education Teacher

The special education frameworks in Israeli schools, from kindergarten to 12th grade, provide a solution for children with special needs. Constantly striving for personal and organizational excellence, special education teachers aim to help their students fulfill their potential – whether in special-education schools or in integrated classes within mainstream schools.


Laptop Computer for Every English Teacher
The "Laptop Computer for Every English Teacher" program was launched in January 2018. Aiming to distribute 13,000 laptops in the coming years, the program will provide English teachers in Israel not only with computers, but also 120 hours of professional training.

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