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Digital Toolbox for Every Science Teacher

Digital Toolbox for Every Science Teacher
Athena Fund is working to empower science and technology teachers and to increase student interest in science-related subjects. The “Digital Toolbox for Every Science Teacher” program aims to provide special tablet computers to all of Israel’s elementary, junior high and high school science and technology teachers.


Each tablet comes equipped with multiple built-in sensors that enable scientific experiments, transforming the classroom into a mobile laboratory. In addition, each teacher receives 120 hours of techno-pedagogical training for scientific literacy, conducted by professional trainers. Each participating school is equipped with wireless Internet and classroom projectors.


Thanks to this program, science teachers are receiving the knowledge and authority they need to become innovative professionals, while science-related subjects are becoming more attractive to their students.


“In the city of Eilat, there’s a revolution underway in the advancement of scientific education. All partners in the city have joined together to ensure the successful assimilation of the science tablets in the teaching process. The tablet and sensors given to teachers enable the creation of a variety of science activities, whether or not there is a school laboratory. The teacher can conduct experiments everywhere, whether inside or outside the classroom. By using the tablet’s computerized lab system, the teacher is viewed as a renewed and relevant educator who overcomes barriers of innovation.”

Pini Alon, Eilat Science Trainer, Ministry of Education