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Digital Toolbox for Every Kindergarten Teacher

Digital Toolbox for Every Kindergarten Teacher
As part of this program, all participating kindergarten teachers receive a laptop computer. Moreover, each kindergarten teacher and director receives 90 hours of professional training, which is recognized as a professional advancement course within the framework of the “Ofek Chadash” (New Horizon) reform of the Ministry of Education.


Each laptop comes with a three-year warranty, telephone technical support (8am–6pm), and a variety of Microsoft software. The laptops are provided on loan to the teachers for three years, after which all qualifying teachers receive their laptops as a gift. Each participating kindergarten is equipped with wireless Internet and one projector.


“The laptop is an integral part of our educational work in the kindergarten, and contributes to the organization of my professional work. Lessons are organized within folders, and with one click I can show the children photos or presentations, or play music that will strengthen learning and engage those who might have nodded off during a frontal encounter.”

Margalit (Maggie) Biton, teacher, Tamar Kindergarten, Yeruham


 “After receiving the laptop and training, I feel on equal footing in my family when it comes to using a laptop. My children appreciate me – I work alone on the computer, and send announcements to parents by email. Parents relate to me respectfully, and they no longer perceive the kindergarten as a ‘babysitter’ but a place where learning takes place.”

Sigalit, teacher, Shibolim Kindergarten, Nahariya