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We thank you for your desire to support the activities of Athena Fund. Our goal is to empower teachers in Israel by providing them with mobile computers and 120-hour practical training courses.


A non-profit organization, Athena Fund acts in cooperation with the Israeli Ministry of Education, the Israel Teachers Union, and Bank Massad. Athena Fund is supported by business players, charitable funds and private donors who identify with our objectives.


Athena Fund's flagship initiative is the "Laptop Computer for Every Teacher in Israel" program, which was launched in 2007 under the sponsorship of the Prime Minister's Office. 


To date, Athena Fund has distributed laptops, tablets and iPad, together with professional training courses, to 30,200 teachers in 2,999 schools and kindergartens in 178 communities across Israel.


Athena Fund's programs are accompanied by professional surveys. To read the results of the surveys click here.


Additional cities, regional councils and local councils are awaiting donations that will enable their schools to participate in our programs in order to empower their teachers and enrich their students.


In 2021, Athena Fund launched the "ImagineBox" - a classroom of the future that will bring new, cutting-edge technologies into schools all over Israel. 


Here are our programs requiring your support: