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Mobile Science Cart

Mobile Science Cart

Athena Fund Begins Providing Mobile Science Cart for Science Classes, including Globisens Data Loggers and iPads

The Athena Fund has begun a pilot project to distribute a mobile science cart that includes 16 data loggers from Globisens and 16 iPads. The first educational institution to receive the mobile science cart is Boys Town Jerusalem (Kiryat Noar Yerushalayim), a science-oriented yeshiva. The mobile science cart will be used by students in classes for experimentation under the guidance of their teachers.

Providing the mobile science cart is another step in the Digital Toolbox for Every Science Teacher program. As part of this program, in October 2018 Boys Town Jerusalem science teachers have already received iPads, Globisens' Labdisk kit and a 120-hour professional training program under the professional responsibility of the Ministry of Education.

Through this program, the science teachers received the knowledge, authority and innovation that will enhance their professional skills and make their teaching areas attractive to the students.

Athena Fund's programs include Digital Toolbox for Every Teacher (launched in 2007), Digital Toolbox for Every Kindergarten (launched 2012), Digital Toolbox for Every Science Teacher (launched 2014), Digital Tools for Every Special Education Teacher (launched 2015) and Digital Toolbox for Every English Teacher (launched 2018).

To date, Athena has distributed laptops, tablets and iPads to more than 23,000 school and kindergarten teachers (according to the Fund's various programs) in 1,909 schools and kindergartens in 148 local authorities, along with professional training courses.

Implementation of the program at Boys Town Jerusalem was made possible thanks to the contribution of the Athena Fund and its partners: the Israel Teachers Union’s Professional Advancement Fund, Bank Massad, the Ministry of Education, Boys Town Jerusalem and donor Josh Weston.

The mobile science cart presentation ceremony was held at Boys Town Jerusalem with the participation of Amir Kisar – CEO of Boys Town Jerusalem, Yoni Strimber – International Development Executive of Boys Town Jerusalem, Rabbi Meir Linchner – Deputy Head of the Yeshiva, Rabbi Elimelech Yaakov – Deputy Head of the Yeshiva, Daphna Tamir – Director of Athena Fund Programs, Ezra Mualem – Director of Bank Massad Jerusalem Branch, Rabbi Yossi Cohen – Principal of the Boys Town Jerusalem School, Doron Taib – Principal of the Boys Town Jerusalem School, Yaakov Margi – CIO of Boys Town Jerusalem and other executives.