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Helping Survivors from Gaza-Bordering Settlements

Helping Survivors from Gaza-Bordering Settlements

During these difficult days, thousands of survivors have been evacuated from settlements and kibbutzim on the Gaza border to different places in Israel.

The love and aid that is pouring in from Israeli citizens is astonishing, and they are making sure these families have food, clothing, games and other essentials.

However, after the battles, teachers, children and their parents were left without computers.

Athena Fund is determined to help!
We want to distribute laptop computers to teachers and tablets to all the children evacuated from Kibbutzim and settlements near Gaza border and we need your help!
We have already begun distributing the tablets to children and more distributions are scheduled for this week. We are also receiving more requests to help. 

Laptops and tablets will aid, if only a little, in helping the survivors return to their routine and rebuild their mental resilience.
We ask you to give today!
Your donation – of any amount – will go towards purchasing new laptop computers and tablets for teachers and children who lost their homes and survived this heinous surprise attack on Israel.

Let's show them our love together.
Parents evacuated from border with Gaza receive tablets for their children